Microsoft, which has made its mark in the computer world with its unmatched footprint, unveiled its new operating system windows 11 last week. Let's see what features this operating system has when Microsoft releases it after six years.

Look And Feel

Windows 11 is just like the Windows 10 to watch. But it is said that it has more operating capacity than Windows 10. Glass-like transparent theme is the best sign of Windows. Microsoft has been using this since Windows 7. The theme changes every time the OS update comes. Windows Eleven is using the same. But this time its structure is more elegantly designed. Usually the Taskbar Icons start from the left. But the new operating system is in its middle.

Teams Preinstalled

Microsoft Teams is one of the most widely used apps in the software industry. This will allow us to send a message and talk to the group. Can share files and make video calls in person or in group. Its use has been high since it has numerous features like this. Despite its simplicity of use and innumerable uses, Microsoft teams is not preinstalled on any earlier windows versions. Users have to install the Microsoft teams on their own interest through Microsoft app store. But windows 11 is coming with a pre installed teams. Through this we can chat and connect with anyone no matter what kind of devices they use.

Widgets, Widgets, Widgets

Google has it's cards feature in chrome app's dashboard. It lets you know about weather, news, business, stock market, etc. But would you believe if Microsoft had provided this feature before all this? Yes its true. Microsoft has had this feature since the Windows 8 operating system. But like Google, it is not able to do this effectively. Microsoft is not going to let it go though. This time it has introduced this with a lot of features. They have designed it so that we can see all the details in it as we see in Google Card.

Run your android apps here

Microsoft have been introduced it's all new store app where we can install most of the android apps and we can run those seamlessly like we do in our android mobiles. In earlier versions of windows we have to install some special software which will execute the android apks in the windows operating system. But in windows 11 they broke the extra hurdles that we are struggling with installing the android app in the windows. We can install the android apps through Microsoft store directly (As long as they are available there).

Aligning your apps not this much easier earliest

If you are the one who works in a lot of apps at the same time and struggling to align them....? Then this feature will excites you the most. Microsoft windows 11 have the new feature to align the apps in a different way. When you hover the maximise button it will show you some cool options to place the app right where you want. You can dock an app at the bottom or hang it in the left or right. You will always have the control to align the apps where you want by using the older way too. Like right clicking in the task bar and selecting the option like align it in the top to bottom order or left to right order.

Lazy typing, or bored of keyboard

Mobile devices are having lot of ways to get the use inputs like the typical keyboard, voice input handwritten etc. Microsoft brings these features in windows 11. It contains virtual keyboard feature through that we can type in the virtual keyboard which will be showed up in the monitor. Or we can use the voice inputs, hand written input like we do in the mobile phones.

Usage of multi monitor

If you are active laptop user who will connect your laptop to an external monitor too often. Then you are the frustrated guy like me. Whenever we unplugged the second monitor the apps will be collapsed and we have to realign all the apps back to it's position. Do you know what I will think whenever I saw it, Let's stop this... you idiot. Luckily Microsoft heard that and windows 11 comes with new feature that will remember the app's position that you aligned before you unplug from the second monitor. When you plug it again it will go back to the position where those will be aligned earlier. Now I can say that oh... smart.

For gaming freaks

Are you a gamer or will you spend lot more time in playing games in Xbox. Then this feature is for you. Windows 11 have the integrated Xbox feature preinstalled. Through this we can play the Xbox games that we have purchased in the Xbox store. It's also providing AutoHDR feature through this we can upgrade the games which are able to upgrade from SDR into HDR very easily.

It's free to upgrade

If you are legitimate user, you are using the windows 10 operating system with the original license then it's a sweet bomb for you. The upgrade will be free to use. Soon you will get the update. Don't forget to turn on the windows update feature and your internet to the system.