As human beings, we are used to working with both hands. Even though we are using both hands each of us will use one hand predominantly in our day-to-day work. The people who are using their right hands mostly are called as Dextral, who are using left hand are called Sinistral. The people who use both hands are called Ambidextrous. In this article, we will see some unknown facts about the Sinistral.

Lefties in the world

  • Over 90% of people are Dextral.
  • 10% of people are Sinistral.
  • 1% of people are Ambidextrous.

Dogs can be a lefty too

  • Your pet dogs can also be lefty.
  • A study says, 50% of dogs use their left paws.
  • If you have a pet dog, don't forget to check which paw does it using, it may be leftie too.

Day To celebrate

  • Like we celebrate Father's day and mother's day, Sinistral also celebrates their day on August 13 as an International Left-Handers Day.
  • In United Kingdom, the left-handed people formed a club called 'Left-handers Club'.
  • They declared the International Day for left-handers in 1992.

The Town Left Hand

  • There is a place named with Left Hand Unincorporated, in West Virginia, USA.
  • It was named from a nearby Creek called Lefthand Run.

Presidents with Left Handedness

  • If you are a leftie it's time for you to be proud because some of the US presidents who have made the world turn around also Sinistral.
  • US Presidents Barack Obama, Bill Clinton, George H.W. Bush, and Gerald Ford are Sinistral.
  • Ronald Reagan is ambidextrous who is a left-hander but he uses his right hand for writing.

Celebrities with Left Handedness

  • Even though the universe filled with lots of Dextral, we printed our feet as a sinistral in all the human explored areas. Below we have listed some of the celebrities in various areas.
  • Sachin Tendulkar in Sports
  • James Cameron in Direction and Arts
  • Albert Einstein in Physics and Astrophysicists
  • Neil Armstrong in Astronaut
  • Henry Ford in Mechanics
  • Amitabh Bachchan in Acting
  • Leonardo Da Vinci in All.

Sinistral By Birth

  • If you give birth to your children after 35 or 40 the possibility that they could be Sinistral is comparatively high by the scientific facts.
  • Children are inheriting nearly 60 - 70% of their habits from their parents, likewise if you are a leftie your children could be.

Good at Sports

  • A study states that Sinistral can move very quickly within a very short time comparing to Dextrals.
  • Through this fact came to know that Lefties can perform better in sports than Right-handers.

Forced to be an Ambidextrous

  • Though we have a lot of Dextral, most of the products are developed in the minds of Right-handers.
  • The person who all are left-handers are used to use the right-handed products by naturally in the left hand.
  • Forcing them to use the right hand may cause some disorder in their mind.
  • So, let them be like themself.

Struggles faced in day to day Life

  • It is not easy to be lefty as they have difficulties using common things like School Desk, Computer Mouse, Scissors, Openers, Card Swiping Machine, etc.
  • So, if you are an entrepreneur please keep in mind that there will be a lot of opportunities for you to produce products for lefties.

Better at Bed

  • Lefties are better in Bed than right-handed persons.
  • A survey says over 10,000 people among 85% of lefties are fully satisfied with their partner and only 15% of Right-handed people are fully satisfied.

Life of Lefties are Shorter

  • Left-handers have a higher immunity power comparing to right-handers.
  • Even though they have a lot of immunity power, the Average left-handed person dies 5 years before the right-handed person.

Awful Habit

  • Most people think left-handedness is an Awful habit especially in India, but in reality, it is not a nasty habit.
  • In India using your left hand for your day-to-day life is a disrespectful thing.
  • Actually, it is their nature that they are born as a left-hander.
  • Some People without even knowing these they force the lefties to do work with their right hand which is not good for them.