The human eye is one of the five senses. Like our brain, the eye has a very difficult infrastructure to understand. In this article, we will look at the wonders of the eyes.

The camera is the reflection of our eyes

  • If our eyes are a camera it should be 547 megapixels capable.
  • The eyes absorb objects upside down. They are then sent to the brain to give an exact shape to the looking images.
  • Our eyes consist of two photoreceptors one is the rod and the other is the cone.
  • The rod in our eyes we use to see objects clearly at low light times.
  • The cone of our eyes is used to see objects clearly at high light times.

Why Iris Scanner is special than fingerprints?

  • Our fingerprint is not unique but also the iris.
  • So that the cornea scanner is considered the most secured biometric security system than the fingerprint scanner.
  • What makes it special is that there are only 40 unique characteristics in our fingerprints but there are more than 200 unique characteristics in our eyes.

Babies Eyes

Babies Eye

  • Babies less than six weeks old do not shed tears.
  • Newborns only see objects that are 8 to 10 inches apart.
  • Newborns develop the ability to see colors only at five to eight months.

Some Fun Facts

Human eye

  • We cannot sneeze with our eyes open.
  • Our eyes can focus on 50 different objects in a second.
  • If the world were flat we could see the light of a candle about 19 km away.
  • The size of our cornea should be large in high light and small in low light.
  • It takes our eyes 2 to 3 seconds to perform this change.
  • That is why we cannot immediately see anything clearly as we move from the bright part to the dark part.
  • Truth be told our eyes can only see 3 colors. They are red, blue and green. Everything else is a combination of these.
  • Tens of millions of colors are distinguished by our eyes.
  • The man blinks an average of 11 to 13 times a second.
  • Sometimes the two irises are of different colors and this is called Heterochromia.
  • The area between the two con eyebrows is called the glabella.
  • Researchers believe that the eyebrows must have evolved to keep our sweat out of our eyes.
  • Our eyes automatically wander here and there during the most emotional dreams in sleep. This is called Rapid Eye Movement.
  • Our eyes are the only part of the body that does not have blood vessels. Because the eyes get the oxygen they need from the air.